Location: Niazi Chowk to Mehmood Booti, Lahore.
Client: Punjab Highway Department (C&W)

Scope of Work.

The activities to be executed by HRL on Construction of Lahore Rind Road Project comprises of:

  • Complete Civil Works, Clearing & Grubbing 303,200m², Removal  of Trees, Compaction of Natural Ground 303,200m², excavate  unsuitable or surplus common material 387,300m³, structural  excavation in common material 153,100m³, Granular back fill  13,100m³, Granular back fill with sand 17,000m³, common back  fill 17,400m³, Select Fill material 3,500m³, Formation of  embankment from roadway excavation in common material  40,412m³, Formation of embankment from borrow excavation  in common material 1,290,000m³, formation of embankment  from structural excavation in common material 65,500m³, Sub  grade preparation in earth cut 107,100m², Electrification.