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HRL has in house capability to undertake the projects on turnkey basis through its team of experienced engineers carrying out conceptual to down stream engineering on and off the sites. This helps save time, resources and ready decisions at site. HRL offers engineering services in the following disciplines:-

Infratech Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited:

A Design Associate of HRL

Infratech Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited was formed in 2005 to carry out detailed engineering works at site in order to address and translate the site related facilities into engineering solutions.

Infratech Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited proved to be a good blend of professional engineers and technical staff to extend the services commercially. The augmentation and professional persistence gave rise to the formation of multiple engineering cells. Apart from serving our own construction wing it is successfully selling the services to local client. The practical experience and input from out field engineers has added a new dimension and flare to it.

Infratech Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited is presently engaged in the design of infra-structure projects involving the town planning, design of road, pavements, sewerage, water supply and electrical works apart from the design for high-rise structure elements with quality delicate architectural elements and finishes.

Infratech Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited is also providing engineering support facilities to HRL's projects and offers abroad through wide area networking arrangement augmented and supported by HABIB RAFIQ INTERNATIONAL which in an internet service provider.

Our Goal is to carryout timely services with a touch of professionalism and progressive innovation.

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